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Young Love

Sundust Orchid & Myrrh

"In the fall of my sophomore year of college, I bought a tiny bottle of perfume that became my signature fragrance. I was wearing it the week Ben and I met in December 2004 and it became so much a part of that experience that when I smell the rich, spicy and floral scent of it I am 19 years old again. Christmas is coming and I've met my husband, my future home. We took the tiny remnant of that fragrance that no longer exists and saved it forever as Young Love. I can light this candle and always remember: this is what falling in love feels like."

- Erin


sweet olive blossom

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Gardiner Park

summer sun & citrus blossoms

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black pepper & mandarin

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Porch Party

sweet tea & garden mint 

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Young Love

sundust orchid & myrrh

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What is the Scent Library?

Candles with CAre

Hand Poured

in Laurel, Miss. by our team of skilled craftspeople.


materials including a soy wax blend and cotton wick.

60-80 HOUR

burn time for our 11oz. candles.

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rich, heady & highly perfumed

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light, fresh-cut flowers & powdery

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bright, fresh & tangy

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cool, dirt & herbs

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sweet, crisp & tangy

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cozy & mouth-watering

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fresh-cut, lively & crisp

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saltwater, cool & breezy

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velvety, warm & powerful

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dry, smokey & rich

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From our Customers


The Laurel candle perfectly captures the heavenly scent of sweet olive blossoms! I order this candle for myself and as gifts for my Southern friends who know and love the scent of sweet olive just as I do!

Laurel Candle

Porch Party just makes me happy! It’s not fussy or flowery; it’s just fresh and clean. I’ve bought this scent for several years and I hope they never quit making it.

Porch Party Room Spray

Lovely scent, slow burning, fills the room without being overpowering.

Cape Cod Candle

my new all time fav flavor! They combined my 2 favorites into one deliciously smelling candle! AWESOME! Got the hand soap and candle!

Saturday Morning Candle

So honestly I was nervous to buy a candle because I wasn’t sure how it would burn. Let me tell you- this thing fills a room! Don’t hesitate.

Savannah Candle