Daughters Collection

Scents Inspired By Motherhood

Scent Story

Inspired by memories of motherhood and developed as a tribute to those first few years as a mom to little girls,  each scent is designed to reflect our daughters and their own feminine and unique personalities.

Goodnight Irene

"Named for the first Nowell baby girl, Irene. This is the smell of a baby’s head fresh from a bath with the purple wash." - Emily


"While I’m getting ready for work in the mornings, Helen takes a bath beside me in bubbles up to her neck, splashing her mermaid toys through the foam. When she’s done she climbs up to my perfume cabinet always looking for the same square glass bottle and asks if I will spray her one time with it, and I oblige. After her pancakes and berries at breakfast, and a bottle for Mae, we’re out the door and getting our goodbye kisses on the porch. Her little arms cling around me so tight and I bury my face into her neck and breathe her in. Wild berries and bubble bath, and the tiniest bit of jasmine: that’s what will always remind me of my oldest baby." - Erin


"Chantilly cake with fresh berries is Lottie’s birthday tradition — we celebrate this special girl with the same delicious cake every spring. With notes of almond-flavored cake and tangy berries, this fragrance makes me want to sing “Happy Birthday” to our Lottie girl." - Mallorie

Lucy's Lemonade

"When school ends and summer begins, Lucy's lemonade stand appears on Sixth Avenue. This scent is inspired by the tart raspberry, lemon and sugar summer magic served in paper cups at 50 cents a pop." - Erin


"A fragrance that is cozy and cool, earthy and bright, like a freshly laundered cotton sweater in the autumn with the crispness of blackcurrant and warm base notes of barley and oats. This is a fragrance that reminds me of the year Mae was born when we spent so much time bundled together." - Erin


"Fresh, woodsy, and calming — this scent brings to mind fond memories of snuggling a freshly bathed baby girl in front of an October fireplace. Base notes of warm cedar and green tea are brightened with a splash of citrus oil, filling your home with a light and mellow aroma." - Emily